Finally! The brand new downloads page is up and active. Now, a selection of Growing Brain classics for your enjoyment is available at the click of a mouse...

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New in this update:
(1) What is Screen Machine exactly?
(2) Yup, it’s still FREE
(3) Eat first!
(4) Audio Greatness
(5) FREE DVDs for Cast and Crew
(6) Mark is interviewed on 3RRR
(7) Addiction News  
(8) Grey Cloud News
(9) Transport Arrangements

(1) What is Screen Machine exactly?
For those of you who missed last week’s episode: two fine independent Melbourne based film production companies, Keep It Reel and Growing Brain, are on the verge of launching a whole swag of new material. Combining their strength, they created Screen Machine: an exclusive and one night only program of short films, music clips and documentaries for the wonderment of all!  The night features an official launch of the most intense and engaging and action packed concept short/ trailer for a feature film called Addiction. For good measure, add some live music; many talented people from the film industry; a great atmosphere; a prestigious venue; and a hot night of the week.
So, in other words, it's a film premiere / film festival / industry meet and greet all rolled into one!
How can anybody afford to miss this?

(2) Yup, It’s still FREE!
You heard me. Melbourne Central Hoyts, Keep It Reel and Growing Brain have cast aside all thought of personal gain in order to bring you this cinematic spectacle free of charge! (That’s free ENTRY, of course. You can pay for your own drinks. In fact – you could shout us a few!)

(3) Eat first!
The doors open at 7:30 p.m. and we expect the night to wind up pretty late so it would be a good idea to eat dinner first.

(4) Audio Greatness!
‘What about music?’ I somehow hear you cry.
‘Well, what about it?’ I am tempted to respond.
And yet, through my patience and good nature, I do not. Instead I say: ‘Yes! Music!’

How about: Jesse Shepherd from Melbourne band SIR, shaking things up with a live musical interlude; loads of music from underground hip hop producer Bunman; and a member of the Machine Gun Jury - DJ’ing from one of Melbourne’s biggest and best collections or rare funk and soul!

(5) Free DVDs for cast and crew
(As if you had not heard the word FREE enough already in this email)
…YES – if you are a member of the cast or crew for either Addiction or The Grey Cloud, then rock along to Screen Machine and you can pick up a cool DVD of the production you were in. Stocks are limited, as is everyone’s patience – so show up and grab your DVD. Don’t ask us to mail them to you.

(6) Mark is interviewed on 3RRR!
Anyone listening to 3RRR's Film Buffs Forecast on Saturday 17 Nov, would have been thrilled to hear Mark (from Keep It Reel) talking up Screen Machine! Here is the link to the podcast, but last weekend's show is not up yet. So stay tuned! http://feeds.feedburner.com/filmbuffs

(7) Addiction News
In recent weeks, Addiction has also received some media coverage - it has already been featured on 3RRR's Film Buffs Forecast (see above), and is expected to also feature in the The Age, local newspapers, and other radio stations. So stay tuned!
For updates, please visit www.keepitreelfilms.com
(8) Grey Cloud News
The award winning film, The Grey Cloud (3am Studios) will be playing at Screen Machine, and has recently been awarded the honour of a feature article on the Kodak website.

Kodak article on The Grey Cloud: http://wwwau.kodak.com/AU/en/motion/about/news_files/cloud.jhtml

Also – the ‘making-of’ documentary Behind The Cloud – which will be screening alongside The Grey Cloud at Screen Machine, now has a new poster and dedicated project page!

Click here to go direct to the Behind The Cloud project page.

(9) Transport Arrangements
In a freaky co-incidence Melbourne Cenral Hoyts sits smugly atop Melbourne Central train station! What are the chances? So public transport is a non-issue. If you can handle escalators, then we want you on our team!
Alternatively, if you have to, you can drive into the city and park at Melbourne Central's Smart Park located on the corner of Lonsdale & Swanston Streets (there are entrances on Lonsdale St & Swanston St). It's a flat fee of $6 if you arrive after 6:00 p.m. And no, we will not be giving anyone a lift. So don’t ask.


New poster designed, and project page loaded! Only very basic info at present, but stay tuned!

Click here to check it out!


The KODAK website has just published a feature article on The Grey Cloud!

Click here to check it out!


The DVD jacket, Menu and label designs are finalised! I have also made a new flyer to advertise the DVD to cast and crew.

Click here to check out the flyer and DVD info!



Brought to you by KEEP IT REEL & GROWING BRAIN

Welcome to the second of the Screen Machine updates!

New in this update:
-Did we mention this thing is FREE?
-Launch time announced!
-Giveaways for cast and crew Addiction & Grey Cloud
-Kitty Kitty Launching
-FREE Addiction Zero Tolerance Theme
-Links and things

Launch time announced!
More diary fodder! Add to that last entry (no doubt already in your diary on the 23rd November, that the doors will be swinging majestically open at 7:30pm sharp! Now you know. There is no such thing as fashionably late where this event is concerned!

Did we mention this thing is FREE?
…we didn’t? Well it is! Free admission! Free visual feasts to scintillate your eyeballs! There may even be free nibbles if we can get our act together! (better eat first to be safe) And you will also be free to buy copious amounts of beverages from the bar! That’s right! Spend cash at the bar, and with any luck we won’t have to lock the doors and shake you all down before you leave!

Giveaways for cast and crew Addiction & Grey Cloud
Were you in the cast and/or crew of either of these films? You were! Were you credited? If the answer is yes to both these questions then you are soon to be the proud owner of a DVD commemorating your achievement!

Both the Addiction Trailer and The Grey Cloud are FREE ON DVD to all credited cast and crew – collectable only on the night of Screen Machine! So be there! The Addiction DVD is heavily featured, including behind-the-scenes documentary, stills galleries and several edits of the trailer! The Grey Cloud DVD has both the Tropfest and International Competition versions of the film, as well as the recently completed ‘Behind The Cloud’ – which will also be screened for the first time at Screen Machine.

Kitty Kitty Launching
Screen Machine is proud to be launching Kitty Kitty – a bizarre and energetic music clip produced by Growing Brain for Lim Lajoie. This may be the only chance to view this madness on the big screen – so don’t miss out!

FREE Addiction Zero Tolerance Theme
Why not give your ears a taste of the insanity that will soon be upon us! This rare pre-release of the ADDICTION: ZERO TOLERANCE THEME featuring two action packed minutes of non-stop music based on the thrilling soundtrack to the Addiction Trailer!!!

Click Here to Listen! http://kimlajoie.com/Site/Music_files/Addiction_%20Zero%20Tolerance%20Theme.mp3

Links and Things
For more information on Screen Machine – click on the links below. Both the Growing Brain and the Keep It Reel site have an up to date version of the current program.

Growing Brain - Bringing you many of the shorts on offer in Screen Machine

Keep it Reel – Bringing you the Addiction Trailer and its related materials

Kim Lajoie – Being the man behind the music in many Growing Brain and Keep it Reel filmic endeavours.



Just letting you know that both ‘Kitty Kitty’ and the behind-the-scenes documentary for ‘The Grey Cloud’ - entitled ‘Behind The Cloud’, are due to be screened at the upcoming Screen Machine event on the 23rd November!

For the Kitty Kitty people – this will be your big launch, and your chance to see the mayhem you helped create on the big screen for the first time!

For the Grey Cloud people – don’t miss the chance to see The Grey Cloud again on the big screen, as well as the new documentary: ‘Behind The Cloud’!

Also – there will be a free DVD for each Grey Cloud cast or crew member in attendance. The DVD will feature both the Tropfest and the International Competition versions of the film, as well as the ‘Behind The Cloud’ documentary.

Don’t miss out!!


Program Uploaded Today

Whilst not hinting at a screening order, and with likley additions to come, the screening program for Screen Machine has been placed on the front page of the Growing Brain site.


Launch Announcement

Keep It Reel & Growing Brain Present:

Screen Machine
Friday 23rd November 2007

SCREEN MACHINE is an evening of startling and eclectic short films made possible through an unholy alliance of Keep It Reel & Growing Brain. By combining their might and talent they have produced a gangbuster program of exciting shorts, music clips and docos.

SCREEN MACHINE will explode onto the screen at Melbourne Central Hoyts on the Friday 23rd November, so put it into your diary right now!

SCREEN MACHINE will be launched on a happening night of the week, in prime time, and at the biggest, best and newest cinema complex in Melbourne! We have exclusive use of a state of the art facility that has a full-size cinema screen, digital sound, lounge seating, and a contemporary bar. The venue is licensed, but all ages are welcome!

More information will be released over the next few weeks, so if you have people who would like to be added to this mailing list, please let us know – or, if you wish to hear no more about it, just reply to this message with something polite, but firm.

Highlights for the evening include:

SCREEN MACHINE will launch the much-anticipated and multiple award winning ADDICTION trailer. The ADDICTION trailer is designed to showcase the concept and style of the feature film project and attract investment.

The brainchild of Mark Aquilina, and inspired by 1970s American ‘anti-hero’ crime films (e.g. Death Wish, Dirty Harry) and Hong Kong crime / action movies of the 80s, ADDICTION is a gritty, action-packed vigilante film with an intriguing premise, complex characters and ballistic action!

This ADDICTION trailer has been two years in the making, with a cast and crew of over 100 people, with filming at over 50 locations and involving 100s of squibs and bullet shots. The launch of the ADDICTION trailer will be an explosive event, and a chance for Keep It Reel to show their appreciation to all who have helped.

For more information, please visit www.keepitreelfilms.com

Recipient of the ‘Tropfest 2007 Award for Best Cinematography’, THE GREY CLOUD is an evocative noir thriller loaded with suspense, atmosphere and pathos. Produced by 3AM STUDIOS, and co-Directed by Matt Peek and Cameron Ford, (who first teamed up together to produce TOO FAR, - Tropfest Finalist for 2005) The Grey Cloud is the story of one evening, one couple and one of the city's best kept secrets.

BEHIND THE CLOUD is the behind the scenes documentary that details the setbacks and successes of the talented team who made THE GREY CLOUD. Produced by GROWING BRAIN and shot, directed and edited by Jeremy Evans, this compelling film will appeal to anyone interested in the adventure of filmmaking. The documentary will play alongside THE GREY CLOUD when shown at SCREEN MACHINE.

GROWING BRAIN and 3AM STUDIOS will be using the event to say thank you to all who played a part in the making of THE GREY CLOUD.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

Alex Scott
Growing Brain


Screening Today

The DVD screens today, at a large lunch hosted at Elite.


Work Begins

This is a quick job, beginning today, to create a DVD in support of Community Week - an event internal to Elite.

13/10/07 JANE BADLER and SIR perform

On Saturday 13th October, at The Toff In Town, a rare opportunity to experience an intoxicating mix of Hollywood glamour and underground sleeze, as cult actress and vocalist JANE BADLER performs with Melbourne band SIR.
This will be JANE BADLER's first headline performance for 2007, and will feature songs from her soon to be released collaborative album "I Love Everything".
Support from Rob Snarski (Blackeyed Susans), tickets $12/$10, or presale $10. For bookings call 03 9427 9198 or online at www.cornerhotel.com
The Toff In Town - Level 2 Curtain House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Growing Brain produced the music clip Men Who Lie for SIR earlier this year. Click here to go to the Men Who Lie project page.


Work Begins

Work begins today, collecting and generating publicity material for what is to be Growing Brain's next public showing, entitled Screen Machine. Teaming up with Mark Aquilina of Keep It Reel - the event will serve as a launch for Addiction, and a collection of as yet unlaunched Growing Brain work.

26/08/07 GATES OF HELL

Work Begins

Gates of Hell is a horror feature film currently in post prodution. In order to assist with some tight deadlines, Alex is helping by doing some work on some SFX shots - starting today.


Work Begins

Work begins today on developing a business card design for Melbourne bespoke hatter Lisa Heathcote.

28/07/07 ADDICTION

Dealing With Addiction is Complete

The new edit of the behind-the-scenes documentary for addiction: Dealing With Addiction' is complete and ready to be intergrated into the DVD.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.

  Since the completion of the shooting of the film 'The Grey Cloud' - Jeremy Evans has been tirelessly working away on the behind the scenes documentary. Now, he is onto the fine cut - and Alex Scott begins work generating a few 'odds and ends' graphics to tie it all up nicely.
01/07/07 ADDICTION

Work begins on a new menu structure for the Addiction DVD - to incorperate the additional material we have been generating.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.

29/06/07 ADDICTION

Work begins on a new version of the Addiction poster & DVD Jacket. With the change in emphasis resulting from the re-edit and voiceover - it is felt that a new poster is required. The existing poster does not well reflect the newly developed pitch for the movie.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.

23/06/07 ADDICTION

Work begins on a new version of the Behind-the-scenes documentary for Addiction. This newer version will be significantly shorter than the hour long offering currently on the table.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.

08/06/07 ADDICTION

Casting is complete, and Voice recording begins today. The recording, and subsiquent sound design and music for the trailer will be performed by Kim Lajoie.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.


New project page uploaded today

Finally, we have completed pulling together all the scraps of media involved and have presented them in a simple, easy to access project page! No home should be without one.

click here to check it out.


Growing Brain is again rolling up it's sleeves and diving headfirst into another corporate. Elite Customer Solutions has contracted Growing Brain to produce a video on 'Value Adding, and what it means to their customers.'

The project involves interviewing executives in companies that Elite provides service for - and asking them to speak on what Value Adding means to them. The Video will form and important part of their upcoming management conference.

Production begins today.

06/05/07 ADDICTION

With the edit locked down, grading has begun on the Addiction trailer.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.

04/05/07 ADDICTION

Round one casting is complete for the new voices for the Addiction trailer. Today, we begin to get them into the studio to try them out with several characters, and under controlled conditions.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.

  The Jimmy Sneeze poster is complete! Click on the link above to see the cute addition to The Grey Cloud project page.
14/04/07 ADDICTION

With the new edit nearing completion - audience testing indicates that a new voice over will be required to help tie the narrative together. Scripting has begun, and we will begin to put out feelers for voice casting shortly.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.




New project page uploaded today

...in support of the MEN WHO LIE music clip.

click here to check it out.

08/04/07 MEN WHO LIE


This is the album of which MEN WHO LIE is the feature track. Details are as follows:


May, 5 2007 at Curtain House Toff of the Town
Swanston St City, Melbourne, Victoria
Cost : $10

SIR launch of the Brando Room, intimate cabaret venue, support The Crayon Fields and a special performance by Jane Badler.


Editing is complete!

It has taken a while due to the need to sqeeze it around other projects, but we are there. Also - posters and stills are ready. They are now uploaded to the website.

Click Here to check out the brand new Hey Kitty Kitty project page.

29/03/07 ADDICTION

Work begins on Addiction trailer. This is a concept trailer that is intended to help gather funding to make a feature film of the same name. The idea is to make a shorter version of the existing trailer.

No growing brain project page yet available. For more info on Addiction and Keep It Reel, click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.




Project complete!

Filmed at the same time as The Manual, this clip - produced for the band SIR is now complete.

17/03/07 MEN WHO LIE


The new album by SIR - featuring the track MEN WHO LIE was officially released today on UNSTABLE APE records.

02/02/07 THE MANUAL



Join us in celebrating the completion of The Manual!

WEDNESDAY 14 th February - 7:30pm

LOOP Bar - 23 Meyers Place Melbourne 3000


The Manual: A story about finding meaning in life.

A man at a loose end finds an advertisement for 'The Manual' - a book that offers to answer all his questions. Could the contents of this book provide an escape from his shallow existence?


LOOP Bar is supporting us in launching The Manual (7min)! Head on down to the relaxed, yet sophisticated atmosphere of Loop Bar on Wednesday 14 th of February and enjoy the best that short film has to offer! (Or at least the best short film on offer, from us, that evening).

The invitation is open to you and any of your friends (who are likely to buy a lot from the bar - thus ensuring we are invited back to Loop in the future).

So celebrate with us the launch of The Manual, enjoy a few drinks, then feel free to pursue the many after-dark delights of the Melbourne CBD.

Hope to see you there!

Alex Scott, Producer, Growing Brain

For more information on Loop: www.looponline.com.au

31/12/06 THE MANUAL
  Basic information has been added to the Growing Brain website.
31/12/06 THE MANUAL
  The editing, sound and grade is now complete! The DVD is being authoured today for submission to Tropfest tomorrow.
17/12/06 The Chaiinsaw Bride / To Forge a Chainsaw

Screens tonight at ACMI!

The documentary that Alex was operating a camera for : 'To Forge a Chainsaw' will be screening earlier in the evening. The documentary is also being relesed as 'episodes' that will shortly be available from the main 'The Chaiinsaw Bride' website.

18/10/06 THE MANUAL

Filming starts today!

This is the Growing Brain effort for Tropfest 2007. To be shot on HDV, on the brand new Cannon XLH1 using a P&S adapter to enable the use of prime lenses.

The film will be shot concurrently with the 'Men Who Lie' music clip, more details on that project to be posted shortly.


Filming Starts Today!

This is a short film intended for submission to Tropfest 2007. Put together by the same team that produced TOO FAR, this is a moody and atmospheric tale, set in the dark steamy streets of a Film Noir city. Alex is Assistant-Directing. More information to be posted shortly.

  This is a Music Video commissioned by Kim Lajoie. Filming starts today. One day filming only, two cameras, shooting various parts of the Melbourne CBD. More info to be posted shortly.
25/09/06 Introducing Elite
  Reports indicate the Elite video was very well received at the national conference. It seems everyone had a good time and generally enjoyed the show. Initial discussions are now underway to host the video on the client companys internal intranet!
22/09/06 Restoration

On Friday the 13th of October 2006, Restoration will screen twice as part of the Shock Horror! Program in the 11 th Canberra Short Film Festival. This year the festival draws from a record number of submissions from all over Australia. Restoration has been selected along with 9 other films to represent the best of short Australian Horror! For more info - click here.

17/09/06 TEA
  The Colour Grade complete - and the snazzy opening titles sequence finished, Tea is rolling on into post producton sound and music. Kim Lajoie is brewing up a sumptuous accompnyment to this most enegmatic and beautiful Growing Brain production.
07/09/06 Introducing Elite

Alex goes corporate! Two days pre-production, two day shoot and a three day edit. That was tighter than I thought! Looks good though. Submitted at 8:30am this morning. Phew! For more project info - click here.

  The short film: Monster State that Alex has been production-managing begins filming today.
19/08/06 LIMBO
  Alex has been helping out as a Survey Data... uh.. guy. VCA Shoot Wraps!
30/07/06 WORTH
  Alex as been helping out as a Production Assistant. VCA Shoot Wraps!


12/08/06 TEA
  TEA screenshots have been added to the website.
10/08/06 Restoration

Restoration Trailer now Hosted by Google Video

Anyone experiencing difficulty dowloading or playing the trailer from our website will doubtless rejoice in this development. Now (provided your connection is decent) you can view the trailer online, thanks to Google Video.

27/07/06 Restoration

Restoration selected to screen with Horror Fest UK

That's right, RESTORATION has been accepted into it's very first festival! Taking place within the Portsmouth Film Festival (Portsmouth Screen 06), Horror Fest UK is a fest created by horror fans - for horror fans...

26/07/06 The Chaiinsaw Bride / To Forge a Chainsaw

A message from Daniel Yun, Director of Chaiinsaw Bride:

I've made a "My Space" page for the Chaiinsaw Bride trailer - it's small, but it will reside here until further development of the better version SOON to come!

This "My Space" section will be updated with with progression of Chaiinsaw in it's post production phase .. WOO watch and read as i tear out my hair!

Good times! Please feel free to drop a line in there too! Wooo!

Click here for Chaiinsaw Bride on Myspace!

23/06/06 TEA
  Finally, Restoration is taking a holiday from the hard drive, freeing space for TEA to begin in earnest. All of the footage has been uploaded over the last few days - and a rough cut is complete: coming in just over 5min.
20/06/06 The Chaiinsaw Bride / To Forge a Chainsaw
  Shooting has wrapped on Daniel Yun's 'The Chaiinsaw Bride'! This means the accompanying Doco: 'To Forge a Chainsaw' is also well on the way! Production Photos of the shoot are also available now!
15/05/06 Restoration

The recent LAUNCH was a great success! Our GALLERY is now up, so you can get a sense of the action! And if you were there on the night - now is the chance to catch that embarrassing photo before too many people see it!

Restoration launched on the 14 May to a packed house. Sessions were on the hour from 8pm onwards - with the first session literally standing room only. The launch was hosted at Glitch Bar, which boasts a 38 seat theatrette and our best estimates are that attendance was around 90 people- quite an achievement for the rainy, Sunday, Mother's Day night!

We present, for your enjoyment - a gallery of the launch, so that you may bask in the afterglow (as we are doing now). Imagine the press of the crowd around you and see our intrepid camera crew in action as you amble through the gallery.

A small web documentary of the launch evening will shortly be available for download, so stay tuned. You may yet have your embarrassing moment on film!

09/05/06 Restoration

Despite all of our best efforts, Anna Anderson (who plays Janet in Restoration) will be unable to attend the launch on this coming Sunday. She said today that she was disappointed, but recent commitments mean she won't be available to attend.

Currently working out of Sydney, Anna will be appearing in Griffin Theatre Company's production: Safehouse (opening May 13th) and has been accepted into a one year NIDA course. There are also reports that she has secured a part in at least one episode of 'All Saints' in what may become an ongoing role.

Anna said she wishes the launch the best of success and gives her best wishes to all involved in the production.

09/05/06 Restoration


At long last, the veil is being withdrawn on the Restoration DVD! Our army of minions has been toiling night and day in dangerous conditions, to produce a premium DVD experience for yourself and your loved ones.

The DVD was submitted for manufacture today - so if all goes well, it will be available for purchase at the launch, for the modest sum of   $15.

The Restoration DVD will boast a hoard of extras, including the Web Trailer (in all it's sound and glory - encoded directly from the High Definition source footage), the   documentary: 'Restoration -The Untold Story', photo galleries detailing poster art and production design - and most excitingly - the Cast and Crew commentary, recording their reactions from their first ever viewing of the finished film. (Warning: The commentary contains some explicit language)

15/04/06 TEA

The next Growing Brain project on the books. This is still very under development, and there is little info as yet, but feel free to drop by.

15/04/06 Restoration


The Date for the Launch will be Sunday, May 14th @ Glitch Bar & Cinema, 318 St Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy. Time, and all further details to be announced.

20/03/06 Hyde Behind The Scenes



A big congratulations to Nathan Hill who today succeeded in securing distribution for his short film: Hyde and Seek!

This Limited Edition DVD will be in stores (JB, K-mart, Target, Sanity etc.) and available for purchase over the internet from places like Ezy DVD.

The DVD will also include the Growing Brain film: Hyde Behind the Scenes. This will be Growing Brain's first professionally distributed production!

20/09/05 Hyde Behind The Scenes
  Page updated to include original poster for the film 'Hyde and Seek', as well as a link to the home of 'Hyde and Seek' on iMDB!
29/08/05 Hyde Behind The Scenes
  The Launch photos go online!
27/08/05 Restoration Wrap Party
Tonight is the night!
27/08/05 GB Website has major Update
  Updates to the site have been sluggish over the last month or so - due to the demands of filming Restoration, hardware upgrades and lethargy... But now all that is behind us. It is my hope that this update marks the beginning of a more regularly updated and genrally lively site.
14/08/05 Restoration Shoot Wraps
We did it! Now everybody go home and get some sleep!
06/08/05 Restoration Shoot Commences
This weekend it all comes to a head, as the Restoration shoot launches into action.
18/07/05 The dust Settles on Sin City

The turnout was fantastic, and the partitioned area for the after show supper was full to overflowing with mingling supporters. In the event, we had a turnout of just over 100 people - a figure which happily overthrew our most optimistic expectations.

Sometimes things just, work.

The venue was a great help, the film did not disappoint and the after show supper was heartily consumed (at least well before I could get near it). A great big thanks to Malki for organizing the event, and to the staff of Classic Cinema. Most importantly thank you to everyone who came along to support a great cause - Restoration!

17/07/05 Sin City Fundraiser for Restoration
Come along and bring your friends!
11/07/05 The Website is Launched
22/04/05 Hyde Behind the Scenes Launch
'Hyde Behind the Scenes' is to play alongside it's parent film 'Hyde and Seek' 22/04/05 7:30pm @ Gertrudes on Gertrude St Fitzroy. Will have photos of the event on the website as they come to hand! It promises to be a great night!
21/04/05 Shadows of the Heart
Short run DVD production complete for members of cast and crew. DVD includes two behind the scenes documentaries! They will be available for collection from the 'Kill Hill' event on the 22/04/05. Arrangements will be made for those not attending this event.
01/04/05 Restoration
The advertisements for the roles of Production Manager, Assistant Director and Publicist have been withdrawn from Arts Hub, Screen Hub and Filmnet.
27/03/05 Restoration
Have been hard at work. The fifth draft of the script is out and circulating.
01/02/05 Restoration
The fourth draft of the script is done! Now to schlep it around and get some quality feedback...
21/09/04 'She' Screens at ACMI - Federation Square!

'She' will screen alongside Dave Mazzarella's 'Smacked out Kisses', and Monica Burtscher's 'The Girl Who Fell', as part of the Deakin Honours Screening.

Growing Brain has produced a documentary based on the production of the film 'She' - 'She, Behind the Scenes'.

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