Screen Machine 2007
Keep It Reel & Growing Brain
Short film event @ Melbourne Central Hoyts - held on 23 Nov 2007
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About Screen Machine
Screen Machine was an event designed to meet the needs of two masters: Keep It Reel (who needed to launch their new Addiction concept trailer), and Growing Brain (who had a number of new projects to present). The resulting mix of films was as exciting as it was eclectic, including short films, music clips and documentaries.
The programme - together with a stunning venue, live music, finger-food and bustling atmosphere combined to make the evening a great success; and with over 200 people in attendance, the venue was full to capacity
Incredibly, (thanks to the support of Hoyts) Keep It Reel and Growing Brain were able to provide this event, prime time, on a happening night of the week, in the biggest and newest cinema complex in Melbourne, totally free of charge! And for those involved in Addiction or The Grey Cloud, there were even free DVDs of those productions available to be collected.
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Screen Machine Event Video!
Whether you missed the event, or simply want to re-live the magic, check out this short video. Using footage and photographs captured on the night, Growing Brain aim to give you a sense of what it was like to be there. Mmmm... you can almost smell the popcorn!
The Venu: Lounge 9
The decision to host the event at Lounge 9 was an important one. Billed as: a sleek, contemporary bar, cocktail lounge and conference room in one... Lounge 9 was the perfect venue for such an unconventional cinema experience. The full-size cinema screen and digital sound allowed us to see and hear the films at their best, while the flexible seating solutions allowed us to create the informal atmosphere we were looking for.
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In The Media
Heidelberg Leader
Feature article on Addiction and Screen Machine. Full page article with colour pictures! Includes interview with Mark Aquilina, (producer: Keep It Reel).
Go to the site that hosts the podcast for 3RRR's Film Buffs Forecast on Saturday 17 November 2007 when Mark was interviewed about Addiction and Screen Machine.


The Kodak website now has a spotlight article on the cinematography in The Grey Cloud.


Not content with pleasing the eyes, Screen Machine was soothing to the ears as well! Mixing from behind the striking aluminium frame of a hospital gurney (in a nod to the film Restoration, which was also screening that night) - the DJ drew from one of Melbourne's biggest and best collections of rare funk and soul.

And just to make sure we were all completely spoilt, Screen Machine boasted a live set by Jesse Shepherd, from Melbourne band Sir. This performance tied in with the screening of the Growing Brain produced music clip for Sir, entitled Men Who Lie that was being launched that night.
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The Program

SCREEN MACHINE: an evening of startling and eclectic short films, music clips and docos - made possible through an alliance of Keep It Reel & Growing Brain. SCREEN MACHINE will explode onto view at Melbourne Central Hoyts on Friday 23 rd November with doors opening @ 7:30pm (prime time) and at the biggest, best and newest cinema complex in Melbourne! We have exclusive use of a state of the art venue boasting a full-size cinema screen, digital sound, lounge seating, and a contemporary bar. The venue is licensed, but all ages welcome! And it's FREE!

Catching up on the action? Check out the News page for previous mailouts and updates!

Screen Machine is proudly hosting the launch of the Addiction trailer - produced by Keep It Reel.   The trailer is designed to showcase the concept and style of the feature film project and attract investment.

The brainchild of Mark Aquilina, and inspired by 1970s American 'anti-hero' crime films (e.g. Death Wish, Dirty Harry) and Hong Kong crime / action movies of the 80s, Addiction is a gritty, action-packed vigilante film with an intriguing premise, complex characters and ballistic action!

Screen Machine will be showing the newly completed trailer, as well as the making-of documentary: Dealing With Addiction. The in-production and 'behind the scenes' photo galleries will be showing during intermission.


Behind The Cloud is a documentary that details the setbacks and successes of the talented team who made the award winning film: The Grey Cloud (3am Studios).

Produced by Growing Brain and shot, directed and edited by Jeremy Evans, this compelling film will appeal to anyone interested in the adventure of filmmaking. The documentary will play alongside The Grey Cloud.

Growing Brain and 3am Studios will be using the event to say thank you to all who played a part in the making of The Grey Cloud.

Click here to go to the Behind The Cloud project page.
Click here for the The Grey Cloud project page

Shot in late '06, and completed earlier in this year, Hey Kitty Kitty will have it's premier screening at Screen Machine. This exciting and energetic clip (created for Kim Lajoie by Growing Brain) has easily the largest cast of any Growing Brain production to date and involves many locations, frenetic action and outrageous colour.

Click here to go to the Hey Kitty Kitty project page.

In Addiction, Bronson is a street-smart cop who is attacked and injected with a dangerous new drug - making her into an addict. Now, her days are numbered. Fuelled with rage, she turns vigilante and declares war on the drug world!


This Addiction trailer has been two years in the making, involving a cast and crew of over 100 people, with filming at over 50 locations and involving 100s of squibs and bullet shots.  

As a way of saying 'thanks' to all who contributed to the making of the Addiction trailer - any person listed on the credits list of Addiction, and attending Screen Machine may collect a FREE DVD! The DVD features the finished Trailer, Stills Galleries and the making-of documentary: Dealing With Addiction!

Click here to go to the Addiction project page
Click here to visit the Keep It Reel website.


Created for Melbourne band SIR earlier this year - this music clip has already screened on RAGE, been ranked very favourably in play order and has received much very positive feedback.

While the album with which it is associated (The Brando Room) has been launched, the Men Who Lie clip had never been given a public send-off, until now!

Click here to go to the Men Who Lie project page


The Film centers on a man at a loose end - his life has become a mere accumulation of habit. Then he comes across an advertisement for a mysterious book called ‘The Manual' – that offers to answer all his questions...

This will be the first public screening of this short film (outside of it's own launch). Completed late last year, this magical and understated film is the first Growing Brain project to be shot on HDV while using 35mm Prime film lenses.

Click here to go to the The Manual project page


This film has been a long time coming. Shot mid last year, this experimental video piece has long been at the mercy of larger and more immediate projects. But now, Screen Machine will host the first ever showing of this intricate and intriguing film.

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After screening last year at both Horror Fest UK, and the Canberra Short Film festival - it's time to resurrect this Growing Brain classic! This short thriller winds it's way around the darkened corridors of an old hospital, following the unfolding drama that befalls a team of researchers.

Click here to go to the Restoration project page

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Special Thanks
Emily Ash & Mcihael Wentworth @ Melb Central Hoyts, Kim Lajoie, Elena Aquilina, Jeremy Evans, Steven Taylor, Luke Cunningham, Craig (?). Ryan (?), Matt (?), Allen Moore @ Big Dog Bites


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