Shadows of the Heart 2005


Late 2003. A phone rings.

On the other end of the line was Makeup artist Helena Jankowski.  Having designed some vampire makeup for an interstate competition, and needed somebody to film its application.

The response: ‘Well… if we are going to spend four hours putting the guy in makeup, we might as well make a film.'

With little over a week to make a movie from nothing, (and with several of the key people working full time) it was an exercise in madness.  Sets were designed and built, costumes cobbled together, lights, cameras and space secured.

Meanwhile, the story developed as an experiment in merging daytime soap opera with gothic fantasy. The movie set out create the last scene, in the last episode of a fictional TV series: ‘Shadows of the Heart'. As such, it would include the re-appearance of a character we had thought lost, and the surprise death of a major character.


2003, MiniDV, Dramatic Short, Writer, Producer, Director. Played at the Capitol Theatre as part of the Melbourne horror festival: ‘Out to the Lights’


Behind the Scenes Documentary & Makeup Documentary


Behind the Scenes:

Poster and DVD Designs:



Nathanial Stephen Pilkington


James Romeril


Director Alex Scott
Director Of Photography Cameron Ford
First Assistant Director Sheersha Pererra
Camera Assist Ellen Manley
Sound Recordist Kim Lajoie
Production Assistant David Pilkington
  Dale Hutchinson
SFX & Makeup Helena Jankowski
Behind the Scenes Camera Cameron Duff
Stills Photographer Cameron Ford
Catering Madeline @ madhouse catering
Set Construction Heath McKenzie
Sound & Music Mark Aquilina
Post Production Assist Kim Lajoie
DVD Authoring Fabian Peters
DVD Production Fabian Peters, Alex Scott


Special Thanks

Simon Wilmot, Colin Savage, Matthew Delbridge

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