The Grey Cloud 2007
3am Studios
2007. Super 16mm Film (Kodak Vision 2 500T). Short Drama. 7min. Produced by 3am Studios.
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Introducing 'The Grey Cloud'
Screenings, Festivals, Awards
Growing Brain Involvement
'The Grey Cloud' Signage
'Jimmy Sneeze' Branding
'The Grey Cloud' DVD
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In a crime ridden city lies 'The Grey Cloud', a mysterious piano bar where the music can take you away and dames can break your heart.

Introducing 'The Grey Cloud'

The Grey Cloud is an exciting film by 3am Studios. Set in the streets of a metropolis at night, The Grey Cloud is an evocative noir thriller loaded with suspense, atmosphere and pathos. Co-Directed by Matt Peek and Cameron Ford, (who first teamed up together to produce Too Far, - Tropfest Finalist for 2005) The Grey Cloud is the story of one evening, one couple and one of the city's best kept secrets.

With expert cinematography, solid performances and first-rate costumes and design, the film deftly renders the noir underworld through which the characters weave.

The Grey Cloud is the recipient of the Tropfest 2007 award for Best Cinematography. Matt Peek and Cameron Ford are currently writing a comedy series entitled “Too Far (based on their 2005 Tropfest Finalist short film of the same name), and have received Film Victoria development funding for this project.

Click here to see the feature article on The Grey Cloud - published on the Kodak website!

(Above) Co-Director & Director of Photography Cameron Ford.

(Left) Co-Director & Writer Matt Peek

Screenings, Festivals, Awards

Tropfest Feb 2007 TOP 16 FINALIST
Snowyfest Jun 2007 FINALIST
Home Brewed Oct 2007 FINALIST
Screen Machine Nov 2007 Screened alongside the documentary 'Behind The Cloud'

Growing Brain Involvement

Creating the dark inner city underworld of The Grey Cloud posed a wide range of design challenges - and whilst Production Designer Amelia Marasco was more than up to the task, there were several special jobs for which Growing Brain was asked to contribute. These included: designing the signage for The Grey Cloud venu, the branding for a fictional whisky brand 'Jimmy Sneeze' (which became a key part of The Grey Cloud's media profile) and the poster for the film.

Growing Brain also produced the behind the scenes documentary 'Behind The Cloud' and produced the interactive DVD menus, DVD packaging and label designs and a promotional flyer advertising the DVD release to cast and crew.

Grey Cloud Signage

The setting for the film is the fictional bar from which the film derives it's name: The Grey Cloud. In order to quickly establish a period and a sense of character for the bar, the film required appropriate signage to be designed.

Working closely with the directors, Growing Brain set out to design a classic neon sign that could be temporarily mounted in the street location.

Jimmy Sneeze Branding

The Grey Cloud was created primarily as an entrant for Tropfest 2007, and as part of the rules of the competition, film makers had to include a ‘signature item' in the film. The inclusion of ‘the signature item' (TSI) helps identify the film as being one produced for Tropfest competition.

The TSI for the 2007 competition was ‘A Sneeze', and the directors felt that a novel and interesting way to intergrate this into The Grey Cloud would be to create a fictional brand of whisky, called: Jimmy Sneeze.

Growing Brain created a label design for the fictional brand, which was then reproduced as stickers and applied to the prop bottle. The reactions from audiences and media were positive, and before long a bottle of Jimmy Sneeze became a regular part of the media profile of the film.

'Jimmy' stills from the movie
'Jimmy' in Grey Cloud press coverage

Grey Cloud Poster

The poster is an important first point of contact for any film, and is an important tool for quickly communicating the film's style and character to a potential audience. For The Grey Cloud, Growing Brain designed a poster that pays homage to classic poster design using the simplest and most powerful of elements to create a compelling image.


Jimmy Sneeze Poster

As a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the success of Jimmy Sneeze, we went on to create a poster, advertising the fictional brand of alcohol – albeit in a more modern mode than the 40's noir setting of The Grey Cloud.

The Grey Cloud DVD
In anticipation of the release of 'The Grey Cloud' on DVD, Growing Brain was asked to create interactive DVD menu graphics, DVD cover designs and DVD label designs, as well as a promotional flyer (shown opposite) that was distributed to cast and crew.
DVD Contents
Tropfest Version
Theatrical Version
Behind The Cloud
DVD Menu Design



Mitchell Mick Preston

Katie Astrinakis

Bag Snatcher Jon Richards
Piano Man Brett Cartlidge
Barman Greg Fetterplace
Female Assassin Nadine Rimmele
Male Assassin Luke Farrel
Hoodlum 1 Nick Lew
Hoodlum 2 Luca Abate


Directors Matt Peek & Cameron Ford
Writer Matt Peek
Director of Photography Cameron Ford
Camera Assist / Focus puller Michael Scott
Clapper / Camera Notes Wes Kerr
Steadycam Operator Dale Henderson
Steadycam Focus Puller James Puli
Gaffer Peter Ryan
Key Grip Eddie Barlow
Best Boys Micheal Green
  Nathan Guyett
  Ben Adair
Continuity Andrew Cherry
On Set Sound Recordist Kim Lajoie
Grip Peter Gatt
First Assistant Director Alex Scott
Production Manager Rita Gatt
Location Manager Rita Gatt
Unit Manager Thushari Perera
Catering Anne & Tony Peek
Production Designer Amelia Marasco
Costume Designer Rani Clarke
Embroiderer Elena Gatt
Graphic Design Alex Scott @ Growing Brain
Hair & Makeup Artist Shelley Cartlidge
Armourer John Bromley
SFX Assistant Craig Deal
Special Effects Brian Holmes
Safety & Stunts Chris Peters
Assistant Safety Coordinator Chris Kemp
Stills Photographer Kerry Pryor
Additional Stills Photographer Marilyn Ford
Behind The Scenes Camera Jeremy Evans
Head of Post Production Pamela Hammond @ Digital Pictures
Post Production Coordinator Haley Gillies @ Digital Pictures
Editor Cameron Ford
Online Editor Chris Dea
Colourist Stanley Lopuszanski
Composer Craig Bryant
Sound Designer John Kassab
Sound Mixer / ADR Recordist

Mat Gearing-Thomas

Foley Artist Neil McGrath
Storyboard Artist Luca Abate
Casting Co-ordinator Rita Gatt
'Ave Maria' by Franz Schubert
Performed by Gideon Preiss
'Jazz Riff Number Five'
Written and Performed by Brett Cartlidge
Recorded by Dean Reynolds @ Dean Reynolds Productions
Original Grey Cloud Score
Composed and Arranged by Craig Bryant
Toby Goss
Emma Hunt
Leah Lu
Recorded by Craig Bryant @ Paxus Productions
Thanks to...
Serge & Tony @ The Paris Cat - Fiona McLeod
Warburton Alley Residents - Malcolm Richards @ Cameraquip
El Gatt - Vicki Marks @ Action Stunts - Bri & Claire
Steven Rodwell - Drew Rhodes - Tara - Soundequip - Pam Cartlidge
Monique & Jacques Depierre @ the Knife Fork Bottle & Cork
Matty Thomas - Tommy @ Pinnacle Print Group - Anne and Tony
Colin Savage - Marc Gracie - Cinevex - Andre
Peter Michael @ Michaels Cameras - Haley @ Digital Pictures
Chris Gatt - Dean Reynolds - John @ The Melbourne Theatre Company
Louis Puli - Pete Stockley @ Grip It
Filmed on Location at Warburton Alley, Melbourne CBD
  Paris Cat Jazz Club
Camera Gear Supplied by Cameraquip
Printing Supplied by Pinnacle Print Group
Post Production Digital Pictures Melbourne
Sound Mix Thumper Audio
Filmed on Kodak Motion Picture film
Posters, DVD Menus, DVD Jackets and Label Designs by
Alex Scott @ Growing Brain
3am Studios

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