SHE (the making of) 2004

About the Documentary:

2004, MiniDV, 30min doco. Director, Camera and Editor. Exploring the process and working relationships for key creatives on a short film. To be included with the feature presentation on the DVD.

About the film 'She':

2004, Super16mm, 10 mins, Australia, Directed by Sheersha Perera, Director of Photography: Cameron Ford. The story of a 'Hybrid' child comes to life through the experiences of a Tattoo. A short film that explores restrictions placed on women by culture and tradition.

'She' screened at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image as part of the Deakin Honours Screening 2004, alongside Dave Mazzarella's 'Smacked out Kisses', and Monica Burtscher's 'The Girl Who Fell'. Further details to this event can be located on the ACMI website.

Images from the Documentary:


Camera and Editing

Alex Scott

Music Aeshana Wickramanayaka


Special Thanks

Cameron Ford, Sheersha Pererra and the crew of 'SHE'

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