Hyde Behind the Scenes 2004


The film details the massive effort required to produce the 30min 'short' film: Hyde and Seek (dir: Nathan Hill).

It was a production exhaustively documented. A mountain of archival material, l covered everything from casting, to rehearsals and on-set footage and finally retrospective interviews. In all, 13 hours of footage and several months of my life went into making a kick ass documentary to promote the film and help gather interest in the feature script.

'Hyde and Seek' is now showing on the

Internet Movie Database!


Working with over 15 hours of raw footage, this doco was developed to help gain feature funding for the film on which it is based, Nathan hills: ‘Hyde and Seek’. 'Hyde Behind the Scenes' will also accompany the film when it is released on DVD.

Hyde and Seek Now on DVD!

Filmmaker Nathan Hill has succeeded in securing a distributor for 'Hyde and Seek'.

Since it's launch on the 20th of March 2006, this Limited Edition DVD will be in stores (JB, K-mart, Target, Sanity etc.) and available for purchase over the internet from places like Ezy DVD.

In other news, Nathan Hill was also recently awarded the 2nd Place Award for his screenplay 'UTTERSON', as part of the 2005 Shriekfest competition.

Images from the Documentary:

Images: The Launch!


Executive Producer Nathan Hill
Director and Editor Alex Scott

Fabian Peters

  Candice Day
  Alex Scott
  Nathan Hill
Music Michael Bell


Special Thanks:

The Cast and Crew of 'Hyde and Seek'

The Staff of Rupertswood Mansion

Nicholas Levy

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