Behind the Cloud 2007

Growing Brain


2007, Dir: Jeremy Evans, miniDV, 30min, 'Behind the Scenes' Documentary.
This documentary details the setbacks and successes of the talented team as they shoot the award winning film: The Grey Cloud (3am Studios).
Other Info:
A directorial debut for Jeremy Evans, this project first screened at Screen Machine (2007) and has been included in the Grey Cloud DVD.

Project Background:

In this film, Growing Brain continues in its tradition of creating engaging documentaries that explore filmmaking in action (see Hyde Behind The Scenes (2005), ‘She' The Making Of (2004) ). Created from over nine hours of on set material - directed and edited by Jeremy Evans, Behind The Cloud follows the production team through the shoot and right through to winning their first award.  

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Producer Alex Scott
Director & Editor Jeremy Evans
Camera Jeremy Evans
Special Thanks
The cast and crew of The Grey Cloud

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